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About Seminars

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about central and current topics in the electronics industry at one of the numerous seminars offered by Würth Elektronik, which we also organize in cooperation with various partners. Our seminars with practical content are designed by engineers and technicians for engineers and technicians to provide you with valuable assistance in design development.

Our seminars take place nationwide. 

The seminars are usually free of charge. If a seminar is subject to a charge, this will be clearly indicated. 

Würth Elektronik Topics:
  • EMC design seminars
  • Power design seminars
  • Expert knowledge of printed circuit boards
  • Design-Chain and customer projects
  • Inhouse seminars at your company (on request, possible topics)

Created for Developers by Developers

  • 06. Mar. 2024

    ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)



  • 19. Mar. 2024

    Munich (DE)

    Power Supply Design Seminar with Texas Instruments


  • 21. Mar. 2024

    Angers (FR)

    TECHDAY Circuits Imprimés by Würth Elektronik

    Printed Circuit Boards

Everything at a Glance

About Seminars

Electronic and Electromechanical Components


Power Design seminar:
  • Fundamentals of EMC materials: ferrites and inductors
  • Correct selection of system impedances
  • Calculate and simulate filter circuits and topologies (C;L;LC;PI;T) (with LTspice®)
  • Practical live demonstrations on the spectrum analyzer
  • ESD design and layout for interfaces
  • EMC layout tips
Power & EMI Design seminar:              
  • Fundamentals of switching regulators & inductors
  • Practical tips on layout & EMC               
  • Topologies & transformers        
  • Inductors for switching regulators
  • Switching power supply design & tools 
  • Transformers for DC/DC switching regulators

Printed Circuit Boards

Expert knowledge on printed circuit boards
  • PCB technologies from BASIC to high-end
  • Base materials and properties
  • Manufacturing processes and design rules
  • Standard stackups
  • Qualification, certificates and tests
  • Hand samples
  • Processing of STARR.flex
Design-chain and customer projects
  • Technical project management and customer requirements
  • Mechatronics and design options 
  • Design-to-cost
  • Reliability
  • Innovations and outlook/roadmap
  • Production tours
People sitting in front of a speaker during a seminar presentation

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