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14. November 2023
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WE-PPTI 1308

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The new 1308 size of tiny push-pull transformers in Würth Elektronik’s WE-PPTI series has been approved by Texas Instruments to work with their latest SN6507 chip.  The 1308 size with its increased volt microsecond product is suited perfectly for operation with the SN6507 chip which operates at up to 30V in comparison to 6V maximum with the previous SN65xx chips. 


The Würth Elektronik series is very low profile with an industry leading maximum height of 5.5mm.  With the 1308 size we have added 12 parts to the series from which customers can select parts for either 12V or 24V inputs and outputs ranging from 3.3V on the low end to 30V on the high end.  Applications for this small discrete isolated power supply range from communications supplies and gate drivers to solar inverters and  factory automation. 


The 1308 size parts work equally as well as the nearest competitor at 1MHz while running cooler.  The beauty of the Würth Elektronik 1308 series is that you can also run it at 400kHz while the competitor parts must be run at 1MHz.  Changing the frequency on the Texas Instruments EVM to 400kHz, the SN6507 Evaluation Module runs cooler than all parts at high loads and has much higher efficiency, better regulation and better EMI characteristics than the parts running at 1MHz.  See the performance charts (Temperature Rise, Load Regulation, & Efficiency) below.

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