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02. December 2021
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One Sample Order = One Tree Planted

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Hand dropping water on sapling

At Würth Elektronik, we have already started taking steps to improve our sustainability and invest in projects with a positive environmental impact. At the same time, we also know that there is always more that can be done, which is why we are excited to announce our One Sample Order = One Tree Planted campaign.

We are partnering with the nonprofit One Tree Planted to plant one tree for each sample order placed in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, starting in January 2022. One Tree Planted does a great job of educating people on the importance of planting trees and supporting reforestation – they planted over 10 million trees in 2020 alone! We are please to contribute to the work they are doing and see how many trees we are able to plant together.

But just how much of a difference do these trees make? While they may not be able to fix all of the world’s problems, they have a much bigger impact than you might expect:

AIR: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants while also releasing oxygen back into the air, making the air cleaner for us all.

WATER: Trees’ root systems can absorb water which helps to prevent destructive flooding and landslides.

BIODIVERSITY: All sorts of wildlife rely on trees for both food and shelter.

SOCIAL IMPACT: Trees help provide for people on multiple levels. They offer food, materials for building, and job opportunities in a variety of fields – all of which can help improve quality of life.

HEALTH: Many medicines use ingredients that come from trees – even Aspirin! Beyond that, trees also help us connect with nature and reduce stress.

CLIMATE: Trees can absorb and store greenhouse gases, helping reduce overheating and pollution.

We wanted to give our customers, partners, and employees a chance to support this great cause as well, so we’ve created a fundraising page where additional donations to One Tree Planted can be made. Each dollar donated means one more tree planted, so donations of any size will make a difference. If you are feeling inspired to help make an even bigger impact, we would love to have you come alongside us to make positive changes one tree at a time!

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