Taylor Johnson
Building Bridges
21. November 2023
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Diversity is such a broad topic and covers so many different life circumstances, from gender, to age, origin, inclusion, international background, and disabilities. At Würth Elektronik we are determined to not undervalue diversity but rather respect and embrace people's differences. 

Our companies spread worldwide, and within each company are many different cultures, backgrounds and circumstances coming together as one. "Our exotic cultural and professional background mixed with an open way of communication create an amazing environment for new ideas. All those differences, which could be seen as a problem, are actually an exceptional catalyst for innovation." - Quentin Payan, Team Leader SPM Americas.  We have many women leaders, fathers at work, international teams, and international backgrounds coming together. We wanted to know more about how our view as a company impacted our employees… so we asked them.

Another employee, a German native, works in a very diverse team with men and women from 5 different countries coming together. He embraces the diversity and said, "I love working in a multi-cultural team, my co-workers expand my world view and empathy." and continued, "Being an immigrant to the USA, there was for sure a learning curve, I needed to learn and adapt to the local culture.  Office etiquette and conducting business is different in every country, for example communicating with co-workers and customers, giving feedback or addressing uncomfortable topics.  I am still learning every day." This is an example from just one team, and not the only diverse team. We as a company also share these viewpoints. 

We value women and men for everything they bring to the company. Some of our best ideas come from our teamwork and ability to embrace our diversities. 

"All the folks along the way that created the experience where I could learn by doing different jobs and succeeding in different areas of the company. Knowing I could try and fail and try again as long as I was always pursing excellence and new ideas for the betterment of the customer and the company created a safety net to be brave and bold." - Sara Farstad, Manager of Supply Chain Management.

As women joined the workforce, the gender roles have started to blend a little bit. Women are working and men are helping raise the family while working as well. We have the utmost respect for people balancing family and work. Family is at the center of everything.  

"Working for Würth Elektronik, a company that understands and supports the work/life balance of supporting a family, has meant the world to me.  From the day I was hired they made it clear to me that there is a time for work and a time for your family.  Built into the training methods were mechanisms to make sure that work gets done when it needs to be done, so at the end of the day there is time for you family.  I have learned many things here at Würth Elektronik about our products and our industry, but the life lessons are the ones I am grateful for the most." - Jason Rucker, Area Sales Manager.

We don't embrace diversity out of obligation, but rather because it would be detramental not to utilize it with the utmost respect. Our diversity defines who we are as a company and we benefit from it every day.

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