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07. December 2021
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DIP Switches Hold the Code

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Close up of audio mixer board

DIP switches are used everywhere that multiple settings need to be made swiftly and directly on board the PCB. DIP switches are best used where multiple signal gates are needed, combining switching circuits in a single package.

DIP Switches are also known as:

DIP switch applications include:

Deep Dive on Upright DIP Switches

DIP switches come in horizontal or upright orientation. The redesigned upright DIP provides an alternative to the piano-type, commonly used in panel mount applications.

The upright switch package is mounted on the PCB in such a way that it can be placed directly up against a panel. This allows the operator or the end-user to adjust the movable actuator, unlike traditional DIP switches which are encased in the enclosure. This is especially useful in audio applications where different channels need to be user manipulated. There are also an increasing number of industrial applications where it is necessary to mechanically change signal circuits.

Some highlights of Upright DIP Switches include:


Würth Elektronik DIP switches options include: