Printed Circuit Boards from Asia:

Würth Elektronik opens office in China

The Würth Elektronik Group has been in Asia for over 13 years, where it has established several local businesses, manufacturing facilities and its own Quality and Design Center. Würth Elektronik has now opened an office for Circuit Board Technology in Shenzhen, in the Guangdong region (China). With this move, the company is not only expanding its business area but also the list of advantages for customers: minimised risk, because Würth Elektronik remains a partner throughout the product's life cycle, from prototypes and samples to production runs. Larger volumes and other technologies can now also be provided.

"Asian manufacturing is not a substitute for our German factories", says Jürgen Klohe, managing director of the WE Group, "it’s a logical extension of our portfolio. There are several reasons why we chose this office location in China. Firstly, the manufacturing of PCBs in China meets Würth’s high quality standards. On the other hand, our associate companies have long been based in China and we already have an efficient network there in terms of infrastructure and resources. In addition, we already have a highly productive laboratory there that operates to German standards."

Official inauguration in traditional Chinese style: Jürgen Klohe, Denis Giba and Benjamin Klingenberg cut the ribbon. (from left to right)

"The partial thick copper technology has shown interesting results, when high current is required on some parts of the PCB and complex control electronics on the other parts," explains Stefan Rohde, who is responsible for Wirelaid and high power products at Würth Elektronik. "For the design of a printed circuit board, there are several important aspects to take into account. Among others, current and maximum temperatures play a key role."

First things first: Modern components require higher currents if they are to be incorporated into a circuit board. These currents generate higher temperature on the circuit board and in the surrounding environment – a critical aspect for heat sensitive components. In addition to this, devices are getting smaller, but are simultaneously taking on ever more comprehensive tasks. This means less space for more complex control electronics.

Modern circuit boards must therefore overcome all the different challenges: a compact PCB must safely carry high currents and as many fine pitch tracks as possible.

The Asia Sourcing Team from Würth Elektronik: Residential Engineers provide high-quality standards on site.

Quality assurance is a particularly important matter in Asian manufacturing. "Our customers can rely on Würth’s usual high quality of printed circuit boards", says Benjamin Klingenberg, director of "Asia Sourcing". This starts with the selection of factories. "All partners have multiple branches, but we only use certain branches that we have audited and approved." Residential Engineers ensure high quality standards on site in the factories. They conduct the manufacturer's quality assurance procedures and production processes and then examine the printed circuit boards in accordance with WE quality standard criteria. In the Quality Design Center (Longgang) random checks are carried out by Würth specialists. "For samples, multilayer products, strategically important printed circuit boards or complex assemblies, we have our own high-quality equipment with which the printed circuit boards can be tested on site", Klingenberg explains the QA process. "We can assure our customers that, before leaving the factory, these printed circuit boards are inspected by internal WE technicians in accordance with our WE quality standards, which in turn makes us a very uncomplicated partner to work with."

Würth Elektronik bridges both the spatial and cultural distance with a structured supply chain. "Our customer always has a contact person, either in the office or in the field. WE Asia Sourcing bridges the gap to China with locations in Germany and in China. Our colleagues in Germany are responsible for administrative operations. Our colleagues in Asia know the language and culture and ensure that European or, better yet, WE quality standards are met," says Klingenberg. "With the in-house logistics company, Würth Logistik, WE consolidates the product flows of individual business areas, thus achieving optimal delivery conditions."