SMD storage inductor with high saturation current and compact design:

The new high-performance, space-saving SMD storage choke series WE-LMHI is distinguished by high nominal and saturation currents. A special iron powder mixture prevents the saturation of the core across the entire operating range. It also provides magnetic shielding, which reduces the stray magnetic field to a minimum and even eliminates acoustic noise.

Würth Elektronik provides the new series in five sizes (4020, 7030, 7050, 1040 and 1335) and thus covers a wide range of inductance values from 0.1 µH up to 22 µH. As a result of the molded design, nominal currents of up to 25 A and saturation currents of up to 70 A are possible. A wide temperature range from –40°C to +125°C is specified.

Areas of application for the WE-LHMI series include DC/DC converters in high-current power supplies to power FPGAs, POL converters, motherboards, graphics cards and battery-operated equipment.