With customer focus to success - customer-specific solution introduced as a standard product

New 0F-12μR module supplements REDline series from Würth Elektronik ICS

With the 0F-12μR module, Würth Elektronik ICS is expanding its successful REDline product line for central electrical units. With the new module, each connection to the relay is available in the JPT connector. A customer's requirement provided the idea for the product development.

With its REDline series, Würth Elektronik ICS has developed a line of standard modules for the central electrical units that provides vehicle manufacturers with a highly cost-efficient solution primarily for the production of small series as no development costs are incurred here. The RED-line modules can be combined with one another as required. This means that an individual system can be compiled with which the consumer loads in the vehicles can be switched and fused. With the REDline modules, wiring harnesses and thus potential sources of faults can be substantially reduced.

The youngest member of this series of modules, the 0F-12μR module, was developed at the request of a customer. "In our development, we attach great importance to customer focus. Only those who listen closely to the customer can develop products that meet the customer's requirements. The new 0F-12μR module is a prime example of how specific customer requirements can be implemented in new products and transferred to our range of standard products," explains CEO Albrecht Faber.

The module offers connection possibilities for 12 micro relays that can be switched with up to 15 A. It has JPT/MCP-compatible connectors and can be operated with 12 V or 24 V. Solder bridges enable the ground signals of the relay coils to be joined. The special feature of this module is that all relay connections can be activated individually. Vehicle manufacturers thus have absolute flexibility.

The innovative REDline CEU product line

Würth Elektronik ICS has applied its extensive expertise in solid press-fit technology and high current management to the development of REDline central electrical units.

REDline central electrical units are manufactured in press-fit technology, and are characterized by stable and reliable connections between circuit board and press-fit pins, low contact resistance and subsequently also low thermal stress on the components. In addition, double-sided mounting makes the modules so compact that they can be assembled in the smallest of spaces.

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About Würth Elektronik Intelligent Connecting Systems (ICS)

Würth Elektronik ICS is a provider of system solutions for control and regulating technology in the automotive area and in industry. In close cooperation with its customers, the company, which was established in 1984 and has its headquarters in Öhringen, develops and manufacturers customized and standard solutions for central electrics, powerboards, display and control panels, as well as for small programmable control systems and CAN modules.

It provides products and services to customers from a variety of industry sectors such as automotive, machinery and plant engineering, medical and laboratory technology, shipbuilding, regulating and control systems, drive and conveyor technology. The company has about 185 employees and in 2011 made sales of about € 34 million.

Along with Würth Elektronik CBT (circuit board solutions), Würth Elektronik eiSos (passive and electromechanical components) and Würth Solar (distribution of solar electricity systems), Würth Elektronik ICS is a division of the Würth Elektronik group of companies, an independent subsidiary of the Würth Group that operates internationally. In addition to its own R&D projects, Würth Elektronik is also active in numerous outside research groups such as KRAFAS and TIPS. Würth Elektronik had about 6,200 employees in 2011 and made sales of € 699 million.