USB 3.0 connector with SuperSpeed technology

The WR-COM connector series is one of the first USB 3.0 connectors in the market that complies with specifications of the USB Implementers Forum. With 5 GBit/s, the USB 3.0 interface offers a data rate that is 10 times higher than its predecessor version USB 2.0 with 480 MBit/s. Its electrical contacts remain in place, thus assuring the complete downward compatibility to USB 1.0.

Type A USB 3.0 connectors have the same mechanical construction and are downward compatible with USB 2.0. Würth Elektronik carries these types in the following variants: horizontal with offset 1.04 mm and horizontal inverted with offset 0.14 mm or 1.75 mm. The horizontal versions are also available in double and in SMD, with and without mounting clip.

All type A connector variants have an LCP insulating body, selective gold-plated contacts and a housing of brass matt tin plated; they permit at least 5,000 mating cycles at operating temperatures between –20°C and +85°C. They feature a rated electrical current of 1.8 A pin 1 & pin 4 (0.25 A other pins), a 30 VAC operating voltage, an insulation resistance >100 MΩ, a dialectric strength of 100 VAC/min and a 30 mΩ contact resistance.

There are innovations in the constructions of the B types and the Micro-USB variants: They, too, can be delivered as horizontal and horizontal SMD versions. Other differences from the A models are an insulating body of PBT and housing of nickel-plated brass.

The entire WR-COM series is lead-free, halogen-free and RoHS-compatible. It features the UL94-V0 flammability rating and is suitable for lead-free wave and reflow soldering based on the JEDEC standard.

Four different test cables of 1m each are available ex warehouse for initial designs.

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