Ring core double choke with low core losses

Würth Elektronik is now including a new ring core double choke in its WE-DCT series as part of its extensive product line. The coupled inductivity with two identical windings is distinguished especially by its very low core losses, very low DC resistance and high saturation currents of up to 120 A.

A special feature of the components in this series is that they are stable even at high temperatures - the operating temperature is between -40 and +125 °C and are subject only to minimal aging. This favors the long life of the ring core double choke.

Thanks to its special iron powder core material, the choke maintains excellent inductance when it undergoes temperature changes, and its low-level leakage inductance is due to its bifilar winding. The component is thus especially well-suited for high-performance switching controllers. In addition solar inverters, 1:1 flyback converter applications, buck/boost/SEPIC/CUK switching controllers and switching controllers with secondary non-stabilized output voltage also benefit from these properties.

There is a total of 14 types to choose from, with inductances between 0.091 and 100 µH. Additional choke solutions with inductances of up to 400 µH are possible with series and parallel connections.

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