Würth Elektronik Customer Advisory Board

With their slogan „More than you expect“, the Würth Elektronik Company Group is committed to fulfil high expectations.

Würth Elektronik offers more than just general services – more than we are currently requested and demanded. We are not working according to the pattern “incoming order / processing order “but are furthermore interested in our business partners’ needs today and tomorrow and what could be their demands after tomorrow. And foremost: How can we support them best there?

For co-designing our customers’ and partners’ future, we must have the finger on the pulse. The shared path on the road to success does not become accessible itself. Therefore, the knowledge of experts is valuable for a daily and future – focused orientation. On the basis of this responsibility, Würth Elektronik has convened an active advisory board to support the company management in all entrepreneurial matters. The Customer Advisory Board consists of selected members who will provide for the company with professionalism and competence they had gained in research, industry and trade.

In twice- yearly held meetings, the members will provide details about latest status and trends in their business fields as well as products and services supplied. There, orientation towards customer needs is and shall remain the central point of view. With such exchange of opinions we will learn about what is important on –site and beyond pure standards. A view from the outside and deep insights in relevant questionings coming up from the industry will regularly provide new impetus, concrete suggestions as well as opportunities for improvement and advancement.

We maintain the dialogue for you!