Würth Elektronik eiSos expands its WR-TBL terminal block product family: wire-stripping is a thing of the past

Würth Elektronik eiSos is launching a series of new ter-minal blocks. The special feature: thanks to the insulation-displacement technique employed in the WR-TBL terminal blocks, the cables no longer need be stripped. The terminal blocks are supplied in the 3.81 mm and 5.08 mm spacing pitches, both with and without flanging. According to the cULus method, maximum ampacity is 5 A/300 VAC for the 3.81 mm version and 7 A/300 VAC for the 5.08 mm version. Available cable cross-sections: 3.81 mm: 22-20 AWG (0.326–0.518 mm²), 5.08 mm: 22-18 AWG (0.626–0.823 mm²).

All products are directly available from stock. Free-of-charge samples of the new terminal blocks are available on request with immediate effect.

Dowload press release and pictures here: www.htcm.de/kk/wuerth