Wurth Electronics Midcom at the APEC 2016

Components, tools, and presentations by partners

Represented by its US subsidiary Wurth Electronics Midcom, Würth Elektronik eiSos will be exhibiting at the APEC (Applied Power Electronics Conference) in Long Beach, California (20–24 March 2016). The component supplier will be occupying stand #1933 of the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center to present its extensive range of products: from capacitors, via SMD ferrites, all the way to the world’s smallest power inductors made of magnetic iron powder.

One focal point of the conference programme will be the component supplier’s broad spectrum of capacitors, ranging from film capacitors, aluminiumelectrolyte and aluminium-polymer capacitors in the THD and SMD versions, all the way to multilayer ceramic ship capacitors. Besides these items, Wurth Electronics will also be presenting connector products for USB 3.1 and a rich selection of ferrites. The miniature SMD ferrites made using the multilayer technology are soldered directly onto the circuit boards. They feature excellent filter properties and a low DC resistance. The stars of the conference presentation, however, will be the products that make up the WE-MAPI series. These are the world’s smallest power inductors, made of magnetic iron powder. Their design enables a high current-carrying capacity and high saturation currents – four times higher than can be achieved in coils of comparable design.

Design tools

Particularly interesting for companies engaged in their own development activities: Wurth Electronics is consistently expanding its range of tools. With its Smart Transformer Selector, Wurth Electronics Midcom now offers a practical online tool that makes it easier to select the appropriate transformers for the development of switch-mode power-supply components. The second tool on show at the stand at Long Beach goes under the name of REDEXPERT, a free-of-charge simulation software that simulates power inductors simply and exactly, enabling them to be compared with each other. The special feature: RED EXPERT enables the world's most precise loss calculation, because it is not based on the known Steinmetz models with sinusoidal excitation, but rather is derived and validated from measurements of the power inductors in a switch-ing controller array. The AC loss model operates extremely precisely within a range of duty cycles from 10 to 90 percent and in the switching frequency range of 10 kHz to 10 MHz.

Presentations at the stand

The expert presentations given directly at the stand will surely also be of special interest to the conference visitors. Linear Technology will be making a presentation on the topic of energy harvesting, Texas Instruments one on the next generation of the PMBus, and IDT will be presenting the Wireless Power Reference Design Kit developed in collaboration with Würth Elektronik.

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