Wurth Electronics Midcom announces a New Flybuck™ Transformer in Partnership with Texas Instruments

In partnership with Texas Instruments, Wurth Electronics Midcom developed a new Flybuck™ transformer for TIDA-00550 PLC Analog Input Module. This pick & placeable transformer, 750315856, is built on a low profile ER11.5 package and features outputs of 27V, 5V and -5V, which supplies power to Texas Instruments’ TIDA-00550 PLC Analog Input Module. The transformer meets the requirements of functional insulation and offers a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C with an isolation voltage of 625V at 1 second. Wurth Electronics Midcom’s 750315856 transformer is suited for applications including PLC, isolated multi-channel analog input modules, test and measurement, and industrial process control and automation.