Fire at Würth Elektronik’s PCB plant in Niedernhall, Germany

Fire destroyed parts of the PCB plant of Würth Elektronik in Niedernhall Germany. Nobody was injured, no effects on the environment.

Niedernhall, Germany 27th of December 2014

On Saturday morning a fire destroyed parts of the PCB production plant and administration at one of Würth Elektronik’s production sites in Niedernhall, Germany.

The financial damage is roughly estimated to double-digit million Euros. More than 180 fire fighters from 8 fire brigades were onsite and could avoid the extension of the fire to further parts of the building. Nobody was injured. The facility was closed for Christmas holidays.

According to the officer-in-charge of the fire department, neither residents nor environment were endangered . Environmental checks proved no effects on air or water. Police started investigations on the cause of the fire.

There is no effect on operations for the PCB plants of Würth Elektronik in Rot am See and Schopfheim. These plants can operate independently. Furthermore there is no effect on both other business units of the Würth Elektronik Group: “Electronic & Electromechanical Components (eiSos)” based in Waldenburg, Germany, and “Intelligent Connecting Systems” based in Niedernhall-Waldzimmern, Germany.

Würth Elektronik will inform employees, customers and suppliers about further steps.

About Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology (cbt):

Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology is part of the Würth Elektronik Group which is a subsidiary of the Würth Group, the global market leader in fastener technology. The company employs 7,000 people. 280 employees work in the Niedernhall plant.