New product catalogue for passive components

Würth Elektronik eiSos has now published the new 2014/2015 catalogue for passive components, presenting numerous new products and extensions:

  • Power inductors
    The highlight is the world's smallest power inductor made of a magnetic iron alloy. The footprint of the WE-MAPI is 1.6 x 1.6 mm with a package height of just one millimeter. With rated currents of up to 1.9 A, the magnetically shielded power induc-tor allows a high current capability and high saturation currents of up to 4.9 A while boasting a minimal space requirement and a low leakage flux noise. Other WE-MAPI sizes are available to meet the growing demand for high speed and compact DC/DC converters with high powers and high efficiency: 2506, 2508, 2510, 3010, 3012 and 3015.
  • Wireless power transfer
    The Wireless Power Charging Coils ( WE-WPCC) product family has been expanded by three further receiver coils, which, in contrast to the previous coils, are manufactured from flexible ferrite foils. Thanks to this innovative construction, the thickness of the coils is reduced by 50%, making these receiver coils among the thinnest on the market. They comply with the Qi standard and have a very low DC and AC resistance to attain the maximum possible efficiency. Moreover, a design kit for wireless power applications has been developed in cooperation with Texas Instruments. The Qi-conform Plug&Play 5W solution is a complete development board for the swift and hassle-free integration of wireless power into the product design.
  • Common-mode chokes
    Two new series of universally applicable common mode chokes for broadband filtering of power supply, data and signal lines are showcased: The WE-UCF series offers broadband inter¬ference suppression and is designed for high rated currents of up to 10 A. Mains filters with common mode chokes based on a nanocrystalline core suppress mains interference. The newly developed WE-CMBNC series of THT common mode chokes provide broadband suppression down to the low kHz range, a property that is particularly beneficial in applications with a high leakage current load – the value of Y-condensers, for example, can in many cases be reduced. Compared with conventional cores made of ferrite materials, nanocrystalline cores have a ten times higher permeability.
  • High-current inductors for DC/DC converters
    High-current conductors require storage inductors with high rated and saturation currents for buck and boost topologies. The special feature of the new WE-HCF series 2818 package size is its 10% lower DC resistance. A special ferrite composite in the core material enables stable inductance behavior, mean-ing that the core reaches saturation later. Thanks to the 35% higher permeability, a hard saturation behaviour of the coil is achieved and the inductor remains stable over a broad range of its operating current. The saturation current of this package size is approximately 10% higher than that of other standard prod-ucts on the market.
  • Gate Drive transformers
    To control secondary-side MOSFETs, synchronously rectified flyback converters require electrically isolated gate drive trans-formers. The construction of the new WE-GDTI series in an EP7 package offers basic insulation for operating voltage of 250 VRMS compliant with EN 61558-2-16. It allows a test voltage of 2500 VDC between the primary and secondary windings. The µVs product in this series is 70% higher than that in the previous WE-GDT series. The EP7 core acts as a screen against external magnetic fields, at the same time reducing its own magnetic field. These transformers are supplied with three windings and with up to five different winding ratios.
  • HF chokes
    High-frequency applications require coils of a particularly high Q factor. The WE-CAIR series of SMD air coils This SMD air coil excels with its high self-resonant frequency and very high Q factor, enabling a 50% wider frequency range than previous RF coils. The rated current is three times higher. The WE-CAIR series is ideally suited for impedance matching and for use in analog front-ends of all types. The air coil has a very low tem-perature dependence, ensuring that the inductance remains stable over the entire operating range.