Growing together

Würth Elektronik ICS inaugurates Technology and Production Centre at Waldzimmern, Niedernhall

On 13 May 2014, exactly one year after the foundation stone was laid, Würth Elektronik ICS GmbH & Co. KG inaugurated its new Technology and Production Centre in Niedernhall’s Waldzimmern industrial park. This new centre combines the five former locations of Würth Elektronik ICS at Öhringen, Pfedelbach and Waldbach under one roof.

Over 200 invited guests, including Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth and the chief of the Hohenlohe district authority, Dr. Matthias Neth, were present for the occasion. In keeping with the ‘Growing Together’ motto, the guests of honour planted a tree to mark the occasion. “Embedded in idyllic natural surroundings, our new Technology and Production Centre will from now on be the beating heart of Würth Elektronik ICS,” announced the directors of Würth Elektronik ICS , Dr Klaus Wittig and Albrecht Faber.

The combining of all the former sites into a single complex of buildings will be equally advantageous for suppliers, customers and staff of Würth Elektronik ICS GmbH & Co. KG: a large, modern production area with optimised flow of materials, highly automated logistics processes, short communication pathways and high-quality laboratory and work stations equipped with the latest technology for employees.

The inauguration ceremony with honoured guests: From left to right: Jörg Murawski (vice president of the Würth Group), Siegfried Müller (architect), Emil G. Kalmbach (mayor of Niedernhall), Albrecht Faber (director of Würth Elektronik ICS), Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth (chairman of the supervisory board of the Würth Group), Dr. Matthias Neth (chief of Hohenlohe district authority), Jürgen Klohe (vice president of the Würth Group), Dr. Klaus Wittig (director of Würth Elektronik ICS) and Robert Friedmann (spokesman of the Würth Group management) (Photo source: andi Schmid)

The company has invested some €15 million in the imposing three-storey building situated at the entrance to the Waldzimmern industrial park. The choice of location demonstrates the commitment of Würth Elektronik to the Hohenlohe region.

About 230 employees of Würth Elektronik ICS will work in the new building at modern workstations, in light, open workspaces. The facility also offers a canteen with outdoor terrace and various other spaces for employee and social activities.

For customers and outside visitors the company has created a high-quality reception area along with a modern and appealing information system that encourages visitors to find out more about Würth Elektronik ICS GmbH & Co. KG.

Mayor Emil G. Kalmbach presents the street sign to the directors of Würth Elektronik ICS and to Prof. Dr. Reinhold Würth. (Photo Source: andi Schmid)

The building was designed by the firm of architects Siegfried Müller and Maja Djordjevic-Müller, which has previously designed a number of prestigious construction projects for the Würth Group, including in the Waldzimmern industrial park.

Particular value in the design was placed on ensuring conformity to the latest energy standards and integrating the building into the environment. All areas of the building - administration, production and warehousing - can be independently extended if required.

A surprise was provided by the town council of Niedernhall with the dedication of the previously unnamed cul-de-sac that leads to the site. Emil G. Kalmbach, the mayor of Niedernhall, presented the directors of Würth Elektronik ICS with a street nameplate bearing the new address: Würthstraße 1.

Anybody interested in seeing the new building will be welcome to do so on an open day scheduled for 18 May. This Sunday event will offer visitors a varied programme of entertainment for old and young along with delicious food representing the countries in which Würth Elektronik ICS is based - Germany, France and the USA.