Würth Elektronik highlights at the PCIM Europe show

Würth Elektronik eiSos, one of the biggest European manufacturers of passive components, will present numerous new products – passive and electromechanical components, LEDs and semiconductor modules – at the PCIM Europe 2014 (Hall 7, Stand 419) show.

The highlight is the world's smallest power inductor made of a magnetic iron alloy. The footprint of the WE-MAPI is 1.6 x 1.6 mm with a package height of just one millimeter. With rated currents of up to 1.9 A, the magnetically shielded power inductor allows a high current capability and high saturation currents up to 4.9 A while boasting a minimal space requirement and a low leakage flux noise. Other WE-MAPI sizes are available to meet the growing demand for high speed and compact DC/DC converters with high powers and high efficiency: 2506, 2508, 2510, 3010, 3012 and 3015

The Wireless Power Charging Coils ( WE-WPCC) product family has been expanded with three further receiver coils, which, in contrast to the previous coils, are manufactured from flexible ferrite foils. Thanks to this innovative construction, the thickness of the coils is reduced by 50% – so these receiver coils are among the thinnest on the market. They comply with the Qi standard and have a very low DC and AC resistance to attain the maximum possible efficiency. Moreover, a design kit for wireless power applications has been developed.

Two new series of universally applicable common mode chokes for broadband filtering of power supply, data and signal lines will be showcased: The WE-UCF series offers broadband inter­ference suppression and is designed for high rated currents of up to 10 A. Mains filters with common mode chokes based on a nanocrystalline core suppress mains interference. The newly developed WE-CMBNC series of common mode chokes provide broadband suppression even at high rated currents.

To control secondary-side MOSFETs, synchronously rectified flyback converters require electrically isolated gate drive transformers. Würth Elektronik eiSos is expanding its WE-GDT series to include gate drive transformers in EP7 packages. The electrical isolation allows MOSFETs to be controlled despite high isolation voltages of up to 2500 V.

An LED driver module has been developed for the field of lighting solutions. The MagI³C WPM-LDHM series module – an LED driver with integrated coil – allows currents to be set between 300 mA and 450 mA and also allows "current sharing" or parallel switching of several modules. Furthermore, the module allows up to 16 LEDs to be controlled in series.

The existing range of signal and backlight LEDs is now complemented with White LEDs. The package sizes cover the common PLCC packages 3014, 3022 and 5630, as well as a 3535 ceramic package with low thermal resistance. Each package size is available in five different color temperatures in the range 2700K – 6000K and covers a power spectrum of 0.1 to 3 W.

All products are available from stock. Samples are available free of charge.