PowerPlus - increased versatility and efficiency

Powerelement from Würth Elektronik ICS does what it says on the box: high current handling capability, high torque and flexible applications. Available now in the Original Powerelement Online Shop at www.we-online.com/pe.

PowerPlus high-current elements by Würth Elektronik ICS are ideal connection elements for components and cables on printed circuit boards, or as mounting elements particularly if high torques are required or if the installation space is limited.

PowerPlus high-current elements consist of a punched brass base body and a stainless steel screw element. The specially designed base body of PowerPlus elements allows double-sided assembly of the power supply elements in the same position. Thus a compact design of the entire system is possible.

The stainless steel screw as a separate unit permits a higher torque than monolithic high-current contacts. Torques of 1.8 Nm can be achieved with the smallest M4 thread, and up to 42 Nm with the largest M12 version. Depending on the layout, PowerPlus high-current contacts can carry currents of up to 400 amps.

As press-fit components, PowerPlus power supply elements also have the benefits of press-fit technology: the printed circuit boards are not exposed to thermal stress. The press-fit manufacturing process integrates easily into the process chain and is extremely cost-effective. At 100-200 μOhm, the press-fit zone itself has an extremely low contact resistance, so the limiting factor is usually due to the layout of the printed circuit board or the connection of external leads.

PowerPlus high-current elements can be purchased from the new Original Powerelement Online Shop of Würth Elektronik ICS ( www.we-online.com/pe).