Certified once again: The Quality Management System of the Würth Elektronik certified to the automotive standard ISO/TS 16949

For the third time in a row, the PCB manufacturer Würth Elektronik has proved the high standard of its quality management system during the ISO/TS 16949 audit undertaken by TÜV Süd. Würth Elektronik also further improved the result in comparison to the previous audit. During the audit, the Würth Elektronik Asia Sourcing department was analyzed for the first time and subsequently certified.

Since 2004, the Würth Elektronik quality assurance system has been certified to DIN ISO/TS 16949 standards. "The main audit is undertaken every three years. Between the main audits, the TÜV Süd operates so-called surveillance audits," explains Markus Deichmann, Director of Quality Management.

Markus Deichmann successfully implemented the Asia Sourcing processes into the Würth Elektronik Quality Management System.

"The implementation of our Asian Sourcing process into the integrated quality management system according to ISO/TS 16949 is an important step and it differentiates us from the brokers. We apply the same strict criteria to our Asia Sourcing division as to all business processes of the Würth Elektronik, thus ensuring our customers the same high standard of quality," affirms Benjamin Klingenberg, Director of Asia Sourcing.

During the audit, all business processes are analyzed and evaluated according to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949. For this purpose, approved auditors from TÜV Süd come in to the company for several days and examine all business processes.

Commercial processes, for example quotations and order confirmations, are scrutinized to the same degree as the production, supplier management, purchasing and training processes. Also, the management process for assessing effectiveness and efficiency in the quality management system is not overlooked. "The audit analyses which metrics we use to evaluate our processes, how we assess these and what measures we derive from them." For example, the metrics for assessing the timeliness and completeness of deliveries to the customer are included into the management system in the same way as the employee development.

"Würth Elektronik constantly undergoes procedures to develop and improve our processes," confirms Markus Deichmann, "Over the years, the specific requirements on our management system meant that we met many of the requirements of ISO/TS 16949 without us requiring to undertake any additional action."

In particular, the staff has proved this year once again that the quality system is central to our work at Würth Elektronik. This is also a good sign for the future," said Deichmann.

About ISO / TS 16949

The ISO/TS 16949 includes the general requirements of ISO 9001 and also the higher requirements of the automotive industry for a quality management system.

A Quality Management System to ISO / TS 16949 ensures that all special characteristics and customer requirements are identified and evaluated. During the order entry processes especially, they must be conducted in such a way that the product manufactured can meet all requirements of the customer. This will also involve an alignment of the QM system in terms of prevention and efficiency.