Space saving connection: wire bonding

Würth Elektronik expands its service portfolio

The smaller the circuit board, the less space there is to connect the individual components. Wire bonding provides a very reliable alternative to soldered connections, and it is with this approved method that Würth Elektronik is expanding its service portfolio and taking a further step towards becoming a global circuit board systems company.

This technology is particularly space-saving. "A further advantage of the packaging of integrated circuits is its high dependability", emphasises Philipp Conrad, sales engineer at Würth Elektronik. "Numerous tests have already proven this."

On request, Würth Elektronik can offer the wire bonding service in combination with the standard circuit board manufacture. "We work closely with B&F Bonding in Schopfheim", Philipp Conrad goes on to explain. The company specialises in bonding and not only has many years of experience in wire bonding (in aluminium and gold) but also has expertise in special bond-techniques, such as die-bonding, precision die placement and casting. "Through this cooperation with B&F Bonding we are able to meet customers' needs with even more individ-uality, flexibility, competence and above all speed", points out Philipp Conrad.

Additional advantages of wire bonding:

  • Low process temperature
  • High level of dependability
  • Saves space
  • High degree of design flexibility
  • Optimum repair possibilities
  • Versatile substrate-component combination
  • Simplification of complex circuits    

Chip in Lasercavity, aluminium bonded

The sales engineers at Würth Elektronik are always on hand to answer any specialised questions customers may have and to offer them ex-pert advice. "We always search for the best solution for our customers - preferably from one source. We succeed in doing this through our cooperation with B&F Bonding Schopfheim. Together with the customer, we analyse their specific requirements, work through solution options for a suitable circuit board and then proceed with the high-quality production process", promises Philipp Conrad. For example in connection with the cavities, chips can be integrated into the circuit board and, when required, thermal management can be optimised. Würth Elektronik can also process all kinds of substrates provided by the customer.