WEdirekt – the online shop for printed circuit boards and stencils
Convenient, fast and always available

The PCB manufacturer Würth Elektronik complements its portfolio of services with the WEdirekt online shop. Whether a PCB or stencil is required, an easy-to-use configurator with 24-hour availability provides numerous options and alternatives, and calculates a final price that reflects the configuration request. In just a few clicks the order is transmitted and sent immediately into production. Delivery depends on the customer’s requirements, and includes the option of express delivery service within 48 hours.

The Würth Elektronik online shop offers an intuitive user interface and is presented in a clear and structured design. The main sections of the website are two user-friendly configurators for the ordering of PCBs and stencils. Each product has its own configuration menu where the customer enters the relevant data into predefined fields, then uploads their layout files. The customer selects various parameters to design their own individual product. Options include up to eight layers, various thickness tolerances, conductive pattern structures down to 100 μm, and the ability to select the surface finish, in addition to other selections.

“The parameters are currently limited to certain standards,” said Markus Osterberger, head of the WEdirekt online shop. “However, with the combination of a wide range of possibilities, PCB designs for numerous applications are attainable.”

The web-based platform provides a simple and straightforward ordering process and calculates a final price to match the requested product. Even small quantity orders are affordable. “Our online shop offers a price-performance package that compares favourably and is in most cases unbeatable, especially in small quantities. A few advantages for our customers include: repeat orders placed on the online shop are entitled to a 15% discount, and half price deals are available for larger quantities.” In addition, all order data entered on WEdirekt is archived, so a customer can quickly place repeat orders through a password protected account.

Despite the range of combinations available, the configurator is limited in complex PCB design requests. “We are aware of this limitation,” reassured Markus Osterberger, “Our experienced internal customer service team and external sales force are available to assist customers in implementing complex design projects. We are only a phone call away to answer questions and offer the best solution for the customer.”

The Company

WEdirekt is the online shop for printed circuit boards and stencils manufactured by Würth Elektronik. The web-based platform offers all current technologies and guarantees short delivery times with high quality standards. Würth Elektronik has three production plants in Germany, employs more than 1,000 people, and is one of the leading PCB manu-facturers in Europe. Customers benefit from dependable high quality standards even during the development phase and with small quantity orders.