Würth Elektronik awards Distribution Growth Award to Farnell

Waldenburg (Germany), 13th of May 2011

Würth Elektronik has awarded Farnell with the Distribution Growth Award 2010. The award shows its recognition of the outstanding sales growth and high number of new product introductions throughout the past year with Farnell.

Since 2008 Farnell has been an authorized distribution partner for the passive and electro mechanic products from Würth Elektronik. The leading multi-channel distributor reaches customers from a stock of over 2000 components of Würth Elektronik.

This outstanding development, in connection with an excellent sales growth in 2010, was the initiator for awarding Farnell with the Distribution Growth Award. Thomas Schrott, CEO of Würth Elektronik eiSos states, “In 2010 our strategic distribution partner Farnell has exceeded all our expectations and grew the sales by over 150% in Europe. Besides serving the EDE community in our European core markets Farnell has developed to be a key partner for new markets like Israel and Turkey. For this we would like to distinguish Premier Farnell and Farnell GmbH with the ‘Distribution Growth Award 2010.”

The award was handed over during the Embedded World 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany from Sebastian Valet (Export Manager) and Lars Fahrbach (Distribution Manager) to Rob Rospedzihowski (Managing Director), Bodo Badnowitz (General Manager) and Werner Brüning-Freibauer (Supplier Account Manager) of Farnell.

Sebastian Valet points out that one of the success factors of the excellent growth of Farnell with Würth Elektronik products is the huge variety of connector products which have been online since the beginning of our partnership. We can see that the connector range of Würth Elektronik is a driving factor for the outstanding sales growth in 2010.