Radial Leaded Wire Wound Inductor in new design

Würth Elektronik has expanded its line of radial leaded wire wound inductors of the WE-TI series in the LM design (9.5 mm × 8.0 mm) to include eight models with inductances of 47 to 1500 µH; it has also added the LH design (9.5 mm × 13.5 mm). This version currently has six types with inductances of 10, 100, 220, 3900, 4700 and 150,000 µH available.

The components with implemented heat-shrink tube covers, have current ratings of up to 7 A and saturation currents up to 9 A. In addition, the heat-shrink tubing serves to protect the winding against outside mechanical forces.

Radial leaded wire wound inductors can be used for EMI suppression, voltage supply filters, and in switching regulator ICs with low operating voltage.

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