Current challenges in the supply chain

Dear customer,

We are still in the middle of the Corona pandemic with a global impact. Furthermore, economic growth is still very strong, which, combined with the impact of the Corona pandemic, poses some challenges.

This pandemic has led to a number of measures being taken by the government in the affected countries. Among other things, some affected countries and regions have already imposed exit restrictions and also temporary plant closures, depending on the current number of cases. In addition to this, in some provinces in China, electricity is regulated by the government, which can lead to productions having no electricity for several days a months. There is also currently a shortage of containers for sea freight and port overloading due to high demand.

These restrictions have a direct impact on production capacities, transport, customs clearance and the company's own supply of raw materials, among other things. Currently, we are not able to estimate how long this event will last, but within the scope of our business relationship we will of course keep you informed about the further development of this exceptional situation and its impact for our delivery capacity.

Nevertheless, we ask for your understanding at this point, that during this current event of force majeure, we may not be able to deliver some products to you within the originally agreed or the otherwise usual and expected period.

Due to the fact that this is an event of force majeure, we must reject any blanket demand for payment of any costs and damages attributable to the effects of the Corona pandemic.

We are continuing to monitor the situation in the individual countries and are in close contact with our productions in order to be able to take appropriate measures in the event of supply situations worsening.

Should the information and procurement situation for certain products change significantly, we will of course inform you on an individual and product-related basis as soon as possible.