Electromechanical Components with a Stamp of Approval

Würth Elektronik offers SMT spacers and contact fingers from IATF 16949 certified production

Würth Elektronik presents two more products qualified for the automotive industry with its WE-SCFA series contact fingers and the WA-SMSA SMT spacers. The high-quality mechanical components for PCB assembly have already proven their worth in numerous applications. Now they also have "the right paperwork" for automotive suppliers: IATF 16949 certified production. Both products excel in their solderability and are suitable for automated assembly. Design kits are also available for developers: Tray boxes with all product variants for which Würth Elektronik offers a free refill service.

WA-SMSA board-to-board connectors for SMT assembly are made of tin-plated steel and can be used as spacers to separate PCBs and/or housings by 1 mm to 15 mm. They feature strong holding forces and torques. An easily removable polyimide film serves as the pick-and-place pad. WA-SMSA is available with through via and M3 thread.

WE-SCFA contact fingers are now also available with IATF 16949 certified production. They provide an elegant way of establishing a reliable ground contact. The flexible gold-plated copper beryllium fasteners are highly resistant to mechanical and temperature-related fatigue and come in 17 different varieties.

The electromechanical products for automotive applications are available from stock in any quantities. Free samples are available on request.