Space-age electronics from Europe

Würth Elektronik at the DLD Summer Conference

On July 1, Munich hosted the hybrid event "DLD Summer" from the international Digital-Life-Design (DLD) event series. At the Munich Urban Colab, Alexander Gerfer, CTO of the Würth Elektronik eiSos Group, presented new activities of the component manufacturer in the session "Space: The New Frontier".

Modern communication, networking and media are hardly conceivable without the use of satellites. At the DLD in Munich, component manufacturer Würth Elektronik also showed itself to be an enabler for new solutions in this area. CTO Alexander Gerfer reported on the company's contribution to the European consortium EleGaNT. This initiative focuses on gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors for highly efficient power transistors and integrated circuits. This technology, coupled with the optimization of inductive and capacitive passive components, is required for durable and robust electronics in space. This is where Europe wants to tap new potential in space applications. Würth Elektronik already has highly efficient GaN solutions in its portfolio and is taking on the challenge of developing radiation-insensitive and highly robust electronic components for applications outside the Earth's protective atmosphere.

"Communication and information flows are a central part of our daily digital lives. The network required for this extends into space. Geostationary satellites play an important role, and with the new networks from low-orbit satellites, the need for suitable electronic solutions is increasing - Würth Elektronik is contributing to important European research initiatives here and developing innovative components as the basis for highly efficient solutions," says Alexander Gerfer.

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