Shielding Cabinets for High Frequency Applications

Würth Elektronik extends its product family of WE-SHC shielding cabinets

Würth Elektronik has added further WE-SHC series shielding cabinets to its product range: WE-SHC Seamless are the first cabinets of their kind for automated population, optimized for high frequency applications. They are completely enclosed with seamless corners making them particularly effective. The tin-plated steel plate cabinets are available in over 100 different dimensions. Customized or application-specific cabinet developments are also possible.

WE-SHC Seamless serves to protect sensitive components, such as RF stages, oscillators, signal generators and sensitive ICs, from electromagnetic radiation. Würth Elektronik has developed the cabinets specifically geared toward 5G, IoT, IO-Link radio and GNSS applications. All versions are available from stock without a minimum order quantity; free samples are available. Würth Elektronik also accepts orders for customized and application-specific cabinet solutions, which often opens up decisive design advantages in modern, highly miniaturized assemblies for communication applications.