Top Saturation Current among the Ferrite-based Inductors

Würth Elektronik introduces its WE-PD 1260 P storage choke

The proven WE-PD product family, with which Würth Elektronik offers a 300+ product range of magnetically shielded SMT-mountable storage chokes, has a new entrant: WE-PD P in 1260 package. "P" is for performance. Thanks to its MnZn core, the storage choke offers the highest ferrite-based saturation current among its market competitors and is characterized by a low RDC. WE-PD P is suitable for switching frequencies up to 5 MHz and is AEC-Q-200 qualified.

The WE-PD-family storage chokes are ideal for integrated DC/DC converters and switching controllers with output powers from 0.01 W to 300 W. The inductors help to raise the efficiency of switching controllers to over 95 percent. Whereas the "Standard" and "Robust" series have a NiZn core, the "Performance" variant with MnZn attains even higher saturation current values for the same component size. The operating temperature range is wider too: -40°C to +150°C. Depending on the required inductance value, WE-PD 1260 P is available in 18 variants of the E6 series from 1.5 µH to 1000 µH.

Like all the WE-PD-series storage chokes, the new model is available from stock in all inductance value variants without a minimum order quantity. Free samples can be requested.