200 000 new employees

Bee colonies at the Würth Elektronik site

The headquarters of Würth Elektronik in Waldenburg, Germany is the home of four bee colonies. Within the scope of the initiative "WEBee - We swarm for Würth Elektronik!", beehives were erected on an open area of the company premises in spring. A blossoming meadow was created in the direct vicinity to match the beehives. The bee colonies have accepted their new home. They are looked after by bio-imper Martin Rößner from Satteldorf, and an employee of the electronic components manufacturer.

"We are happy about the new 'hard-working employees' who are making our company a little greener again. With this campaign, we want to make our contribution to the preservation of the regional natural landscape", says Michael Weser, Environmental Manager for Energy and Environmental Management at Würth Elektronik. "The highly motivated bees were already very busy, so that the first load of 'Würth Elektronik Honey' could already be thrown off. There will certainly be a second round. Maybe in the future sweet honey greetings will replace the classic promotional gifts to customers."