Nowadays, progress without the aid of electronics is unthinkable in many areas. Manufacturers of electronic components and systems consequently face enormous challenges. Smaller, more powerful, safer, and faster are attributes that we encounter every day.

In light of this, inhouse research and development activities as well as participation in prestigious (external) research projects, and innovation management are of major importance to Würth Elektronik. Numerous patents, many self-developed products and systems, as well as innovative technologies are the result of this clear corporate strategy.

Accompanied by the vision of being the first contact point for everyone working on innovative developments in electronics, we have created a strong and motivating culture of innovation.

Innovation is a top priority – our management committee and executives alike are deeply involved in this issue. Our innovation management supports the individual innovation teams with the implementation of their projects.

Our innovations serve the future market needs of our customers. With the creative potential of our employees and from cooperations with our research partners, suppliers and customers, we align our innovations towards the total benefit of the customer. We offer our customers a “construction kit” of services and are constantly working on its optimization.

We are actively and systematically seeking

  • innovative technologies
  • ideas that extend our value-added chain
  • products that are marketable as independent systems.

Do you have innovative ideas? If so, please get in touch with us - we look forward to hearing from you.