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Webinar Würth Elektronik PCBs: Miniaturization to the power of two - Combine the advantages of RIGID.flex and HDI on your PCB! - Part 1

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How can the space in the housing and in the layout on your PCB be optimally used with regard to miniaturisation? We have the solution: By combining HDI technology and rigid-flex, you can alleviate tight spaces. We will show you how, for example, unnecessary vias can be removed and thus space gained through filled holes and clever routing of BGA footprints. With the rigid-flex technology, footprints for connectors can also be saved. We will show you these and other tips in our webinar!
Learn in this webinar

  • Which possible combinations of HDI and rigid-flex you can use
  • How you can combine the advantages of rigid-flex and HDI to alleviate space constraints
  • Our layout recommendations for structures, micro and buried vias
  • Which via-filling types are available and their requirements
  • Which strategies are possible for unbundling BGA footprints
  • Which cost optimisations are possible


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