06. July 2023
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48 V power distributors from Würth Elektronik ICS

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REDline Power Boxes for 48 V architectures: compact, robust and safe

Niedernhall (Germany), 6 July 2023 – Würth Elektronik ICS, an established manufacturer of power distribution solutions for mobile machines and commercial vehicles, now also offers its successful REDline Power Boxes for 48 V architectures. REDline Power Boxes are robust application-specific adaptable power distribution boxes in standard housings that are very economical and feature short development times.


48 V systems represent an intriguing technology to bridge the gap between 12/24 V technology and complex high-voltage installations, both from a technical and an economic perspective. In the area of electromobility, they provide developers and manufacturers with greater freedom when it comes to the integration of powerful electrical consumers.

Power boxes for 48 V applications

Würth Elektronik ICS noticed an increasing demand for 48 V solutions for power distribution in mobile machines and commercial vehicles, so the company has now expanded its REDline Power Boxes platform, which was designed for 12/24 V electrical systems as standard. This was achieved, among other things, by using components for the 48 V voltage range, such as special connectors, fuses and relays.

All REDline Power Boxes are highly durable and economical. The modular design, the wide range of standardised enclosure versions available and the individually configurable PCB, enable the realisation of customised projects and greatly slashing development times and costs. The innovative design also simplifies installation and maintenance. With 48 V architectures, the REDline Power Boxes are ideally suited for use as additional PDUs for high-performance components connected to platforms and trailers, for example.

Würth Elektronik ICS currently offers three of its REDline Power Boxes as 48 V versions: Mini, Twin and 6F.

REDline Power Box Mini

With the HDSCS-compatible connector module in press-fit technology, which is available with 15 or 18 pins, the REDline Power Box Mini is extremely well suited for 48 V applications. This box is great for use anywhere where space is at a premium thanks to its compact design. No tools are required to access any serviceable components or to install the lid. The Mini Box features a modular design, meaning it can be configured and assembled according to the customer’s specifications. Coded HDSCS connectors on the back prevent mismating, while customers are able to decide how many pins they need.

REDline Power Box Twin

The REDline Power Box Twin can also be used in 48 V systems. It offers more space to integrate 48 V components such as MIDI® and MEGA® fuses as well as other components like CAN controllers or current and temperature sensors. Alongside the HDSCS module, there is another module that facilitates plug-and-play cable connections that can be integrated into the Twin Box. This module is designed for the Radlok™and SurLok Plus™ plug-in connection systems from Amphenol. It can also be adapted to TE’s new Snap-Lug system.

REDline Power Box 6F

It is very important to seal 48 V power distributors and fuse boxes, something that is done on all Würth Elektronik ICS products. One example of this is the IP66-compliant REDline Power Box 6F, a fuse box with six MIDI® fuses.

Electrification: fast, simple, economical

‘The topic of electrification is becoming increasingly important for mobile machine manufacturers,’ explains Jean-Baptiste Delcroix, head of Product Management at Würth Elektronik ICS. ‘Our customers really need durable yet reasonably priced solutions with short development cycles. We meet these requirements with platform-based products such as the REDline Power Boxes, which also enable a wide range of applications as 48 V versions.’


Download press release and pictures here: https://kk.htcm.de/press-releases/wuerth-ics/ics1pi071_en/detail/