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The printed circuit board carries and connects electronic components, thereby translating the electrical circuit diagram and its functions into hardware. Thus, the PCB itself is increasingly becoming a strategically important component and co-determining the overall system. Virtually every electrical and electronically controlled device contains one or more circuit boards.

Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology has stood for PCB expertise since 1971. Today, as the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe, we supply electronics developers with a broad portfolio of PCBs - from BASIC PCBs to complex HDI Microvia PCBs and sophisticated RIGID.flex boards to pioneering technologies such as component embedding or stretchable substrates.

Würth Elektronik PCB specialists advise and support you from the initial idea for a system to the production of PCB prototypes and the manufacture of medium series and large volumes in Germany or Asia.

Our unique technology portfolio is complemented by various services related to printed circuit boards: In our WEdirekt online shop for printed circuit boards you have the possibility to calculate printed circuit boards in different standards online and to order them directly.

We have a stable production network with three locations in Germany (Niedernhall, Rot am See, Schopfheim). In addition, we are your reliable supplier for large series and very price-sensitive PCBs of all common technologies, which we procure for you from Asia with our Asia Production Team. There we have a network of qualified partners with more than 20 certified production sites. In this way, we cover the entire product life cycle of your applications and select the optimal production location depending on technology and quantity.

With our Advanced Solution Center (ASC), Würth Elektronik offers you the option of making special and unusual PCB designs come true - and always with the option of series production.

We know the requirements for reliable and production-ready PCB design like no other. That's why you should take advantage of our Würth Elektronik layout service WEdesign: just send us the requirements for your PCB - we'll provide you with a customized offer for creating the layout as quickly as possible.

You see: No matter what PCB solution you need - we will find it! And all from a single source.
True to our motto "More than you expect".

Our Services Around Printed Circuit Boards

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Printed Circuit Boards Events

  • 06. Dec. 2023


    Webinar Leiterplatten "Miniaturisierung, Mechatronik, Microvia: SLIM.flex Handmuster WE.scope!"

    Printed Circuit Boards

  • 06. Dec. 2023


    PCB Webinar "Miniaturization, mechatronics, microvia: SLIM.flex PCB sample WE.scope!"

    Printed Circuit Boards

  • 07. Feb. 2024


    Webinar Leiterplatten "Miniaturisierung, Funktion, Zuverlässigkeit: DEVICE.embedding Handmuster WE.embed!"

    Printed Circuit Boards

  • 07. Feb. 2024


    PCB Webinar "Miniaturization, function, reliability: DEVICE.embedding PCB sample WE.embed!"

    Printed Circuit Boards

  • 26. Feb. 2024 - 27. Feb. 2024

    Niedernhall (DE)

    12. FED PCB-Designer-Tag bei Würth Elektronik

    Printed Circuit Boards

10 Years of Würth Elektronik PCB Webinars

Anniversary Webinars 2023

In 2013, our first Würth Elektronik webinar was broadcasted!
This made us the first PCB manufacturer to offer this service. Since then, we have hosted and recorded 170 webinars with over 7,200 participants. To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to know from you which topics are most important to you as a 2023 update.

We have held the following anniversary webinars for you in recent months:

  • 08. February "BASIC Design Rules: Layout according to the WE parameters and the PCB fits!"
    MISSED THE WEBINAR? > Webinar recording
  • 08. March "Plugging - Filling - Tenting"
    MISSED THE WEBINAR? > Webinar recording
  • 05. April "How does your PCB layout influence the costs in PCB manufacturing?"
    MISSED THE WEBINAR? > Webinar recording

15 Years WEdirekt Online Shop

We Celebrate - You Save!

Our online shop WEdirekt has been one of the top online shops for printed circuit boards for 15 years.
Well over 9,000 customers now benefit from the service of WEdirekt, because our online shop offers the possibility to order prototypes up to 16 layers quickly and inexpensively directly from the PCB manufacturer Würth Elektronik.

Celebrate with us and let us surprise you with the offers and special promotions that await you in our anniversary year.

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