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Study Before, After and in the Middle

Our Offer for University Students at Our German Locations



Finally applying the theory from college in practice. Maybe this is the beginning of your career?

  • Active and valued team member
  • Challenging and meaningful tasks      
  • Independent projects
  • Also possible abroad

Preliminary Internship

You would like to get an insight into a modern electronic laboratory by experienced colleagues? That’s what a pre-internship in our product development offers you!

Practical Semester

Are you looking for an exciting project for five to six months? During an internship semester with us, you can explore your interests or deepen your experience by getting involved in exciting projects. 

Voluntary Internship

Would you like to gain additional practical experience during your studies and enter the business world for three months? Then a voluntary internship is just the right thing!

Working Students

Working Students

You are looking for practical variety during your studies and an additional income is always welcome? You will find both with us in a working student job!  

  • Active and valued team member 
  • Good mix of supporting / recurring tasks and activities in your own projects 
  • Flexible working hours between 10 and 20 hours – of course we will take your lecture schedule into consideration.
  • Additional income for your studies



You are about to finish your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and want to write a practical thesis? Don’t despair – we have topics for you! You already have a concrete topic or an idea? Then we are looking forward to your suggestion! 

  • Active and valued team member
  • Independent work on a practical scientific topic in six months (full-time)
  • Close coordination between you, your college / university and us
  • Transfer to direct entry possible 
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Bachelor Program

Bachelor Program

The bachelor program is perfect for you if you want to gain practical experience and also study independently full-time. 

You spend your theoretical phases as usual in the lecture hall at a university of your choice. During your lecture-free period, practical semester and final thesis, you will work in our company. In this way, you will be individually prepared for your permanent position with us. 

  • Active and valued team member
  • Support through personal mentoring 
  • Additional working student activity possible during the theoretical phases
  • Possibility for a stay abroad

A Bachelor’s Program Is Possible in These Areas

Are you interested in research and development in electrical engineering? Then the bachelor’s program in product development is just right for you! Topics around the entire product life cycle await you – from market research to further and new development to product launch and support. 
Pick one of the possible study programs of our cooperating universities or for your favorite study program at any university in Germany and apply with us!  

Do you enjoy communicating with people and advising customers on complex issues? Then the bachelor program in technical sales is right for you!
You will look after our existing customers, acquire new customers, present our product portfolio, prepare offers including independent pricing and accompany the customers until the contract is signed.
Choose the course of study at our cooperation university or your favorite course of study at any university in Germany and apply to us!

You still have not found the right course of study?

You still have not found the right course of study?

Master Program

Master Program

You finished your bachelor’s degree and are looking for a new challenge?  

A master’s degree sounds just as interesting to you as a direct entry into professional life? Why not combine both with our job and master program (JUMP)! 
During your semester, you will work two days a week and during the semester break you will work on your papers at our company. You will also do research for your master’s thesis on a practice-relevant topic from and with us. In this way, you are prepared optimally for your subsequent permanent position with us. 

  • Active and valued team member
  • Support through personal mentoring 
  • Possibility for a stay abroad

A Master’s Program Is Possible in This Field

Are you interested in research and development in electrical engineering? Then the JUMP in product development is just right for you! Topics from the entire product life cycle await you – from market research to further and new development to product launch and support. 
Decide on the course of study at our cooperating university or on your favorite course of study at any university in Germany and apply to us!

Trainee Program

You are sure that you want to go in the direction of technical sales and have successfully completed your technical studies or state-certified technical degree? Then our trainee program is just right for you.

Within one year, our trainee program will prepare you perfectly for a career in technical sales. At the Waldenburg location, headquarters of the Würth Elektronik eiSos division, you will not only be enrolled in a mentoring program from the very beginning, but you will also get to know all sales-related departments such as internal sales, product management or the logistics center. You will also take part in various training courses and regularly accompany experienced sales colleagues in the field.

It is particularly important to us that you learn the tools you need for your work in the field during your time in the office. Together with you, we create an individual learning target plan to meet your knowledge level and needs.

After completing the program, you will take over your own sales territory, where you will be responsible for acquiring new customers as well as supporting and advising existing and new customers on development work. This is done independently from your home office and directly on-site with customers.

The features at a glance:

  • One year at the Waldenburg site, headquarters of the Würth Elektronik eiSos division
  • Accompaniment through personal mentoring throughout the entire period
  • Integration into the future team right from the start
  • Individually defined learning target plan
  • Wide range of training courses
  • Regular feedback meetings
  • Vacation entitlement & appropriate remuneration

Ready for sales? Then get an overview of the current open positions for trainees now. We look forward to receiving your application!


Dualis label

Training and the promotion of young talents are particularly important at Würth Elektronik. However, we do not limit the quality of our training to the mere teaching of content. It starts from the very first contact between us and the future trainees and extends throughout the entire training period thanks to individual support at eye level. Intensive support during the examination phase and early interviews with our trained instructors are also a matter of course for us.

These and many other aspects of our training were examined by the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), which awarded us the Dualis seal as an excellent training company in 2016 following a comprehensive audit. In 2019, Würth Elektronik was recertified and awarded the seal for a further five years.

Auszeichnung Capital-Siegel 03 2024

For the fifth time in a row, the Würth Elektronik Group has been recognized as one of the "Most Innovative Companies in Germany" in the innovation ranking by Statista and the renowned business magazine Capital.

The overall result with four out of five possible stars in the category "Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Automation & Metrology" confirms that Würth Elektronik is valued in the market as an innovative promoter and enabler of advanced technologies.

We are delighted to receive this award and see it as an incentive to continue working with our customers and partners to make innovations possible, drive technology forward and promote sustainability.

Kununu Logo: Arbeitgeberbewertung Würth Elektronik

How do employees rate Würth Elektronik as an employer? Which factors are they satisfied with and where do they see potential for improvement? Which experiences did applicants have in their application processes?

On the Würth Elektronik Kununu page you can always find the latest ratings. These can be filtered, for example, by field of activity, company division or location within the Würth Elektronik Group.



A green seal of predicate with the "Family-conscious company" and "Excellent Digital" awards

We are proud that Würth Elektronik eiSos was able to impress with its "above-average commitment" directly in the first audit, both as a "family-conscious company" and in the "Excellent Digital" category. 
From advice for parents-to-be, childcare options and flexible return-to-work options to advice/support for caring for relatives: Our employees can rely on us to provide them with the right support in challenging situations. 
The "Excellent Digital" award explicitly confirms our success in the continuous expansion of a digital working and learning environment. Mobile working, hybrid meetings, digital health programs and online training opportunities are now an integral part of our work culture.

Seal for the Great Place To Work award

What do qualified specialists want from a company today? What are the no-go's? If you want to stay ahead in the race for the best talents, you have to present reliable data and face a thoroughly objective evaluation.

Würth Elektronik Midcom Inc. German Branch passed this audit and was awarded the Great Place to Work® seal of approval as a very attractive employer by the independent organization. The results were extremely positive, which shows us that we have worked with our employees to create a very attractive working environment.

In the certification process, employees were asked about the following key factors, among others: leadership culture, promotion, respect, trust, pride and team spirit.

The results in detail:

  • Fairness: 95 percent of the employees surveyed feel they are always or almost always treated fairly.
  • Respect: 93 percent feel they have received a friendly welcome at the company.
  • Team spirit: 93 percent praise team spirit and cohesion.
  • Pride: 89 percent are proud of the company.

Job Application

Tips, FAQs

Job Application

Tips, FAQs

Would you like to apply for a job with us? We give you tips and more information about the application process.

You find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our applicants.

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