CAN Box 8FR6

CAN Box 8FR6 is a programmable power distribution solutions for mobile machines and commercial vehicles. It distributes power to multiple consumers in the vehicles and can also be used to control functions.

Würth Elektronik ICS Tech Talk - CAN Box 8FR6

The CAN Box 8FR6 contains:

  • eight fuse and relay outputs with up to 15 A
  • six high-side outputs with up to 2 A
  • eight analogue inputs
  • four digital or frequency inputs with switchable pull-up
  • two CAN bus interfaces

All outputs are equipped with current measurement. The relays provide digital feedback of each output (NO/NC), allowing diagnosis of defective fuses or monitoring of relay status.

You can program ICCS CAN Box 8FR6 with WEcontrol Designer. This IEC61131-3 compliant programming environment offers a wide range of PLC functionalities, software simulation and online debug over CAN.


  • Power supply of multiple consumers
  • Transmission of analogue signals on CAN bus
  • CAN-to-CAN gateway functions
  • Various diagnostic options (e.g. defective fuses, relay status, current measurement on all outputs, temperature measurements, etc.)
  • Load reduction of other control units by taking over the control of most consumers
  • Retrofitting of existing systems


Technical Data
Operating temperature -40 °C to 70 °C (no full load at 85 °C)
Storage temperature -40 °C to 85°C
Operating voltage 12 V or 24 V (Relays)
9 – 32 V High sides
Max. current Fuses / Relays: 15 A / output
High sides: 2 A / output
Ingress protection IP64 (dust-proof / splashing protection)
Connectors 1 x Powerelement M6
1 x LeavySeal connector 39 Pins
Dimensions 167 x 142 x 74 mm
Weight ~470 g unequipped
Processor NXP K10 Cortex M4 32 bit
Clock frequency 120 MHz
Flash memory 512 kB
RAM 128 kB

Electrical Schematics

Programming and service

Whether in-house in your facility or with the help of our specialists: With the WEcontrol Designer you can easily and intuitively program CAN Box 8FR6 and other controllers.



Program your desired functions independently with the help of our software development tool WEcabin Designer and Try & Buy kit.

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FAE support

FAE support

Our specialists support you in programming, software development, training of your employees and after-sales service. In the series production phase, we can deliver the CAN Box 8FR6 programmed with the desired functions.

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Available references
CAN Box 8FR6 (no fuses, no relays) with current measurement on relays, not programmed ICS-103794
CAN Box 8FR6 (10 A fuses, 12 V relays) with current measurement on relays, not programmed ICS-103792
CAN Box 8FR6 (10 A fuses, 24 V relays) with current measurement on relays, not programmed ICS-103793
CAN Box 8FR6 (customer specific equipment and programming) on request