6 Way Symbol Cluster CAN

The 6 Way Symbol Cluster CAN is a cluster with individually configurable front-end-design developed by Würth Elektronik ICS. This product offers 6 LED indicators being controlled by CAN bus. It also provide 1 digital input and 1 digital sinking output which can, as well, be controlled from CAN bus. Customer-specific symbols and colors can be easily implemented.


  • Add-on features indicators
  • Standard symbol cluster based on CAN communication
  • Vehicle functions visualization
Technical Data
General Information
Connector Micro Fit 6 Ways MPC3
Dimensions 24 x 97 x 20 mm
Weight 21 g
Operating temperature -30 °C to 80 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Ingress protection Front face IP54 / rear IP00
Operating voltage 8 V to 32 VDC
Pre-fusing 1A (recommended)
Current consumption (max) All LEDs off: 25 mA
All LEDs on: 100 mA
Controller type Automotive
CAN Bus Interfaces
acc. ISO 11898-2 High speed
acc. CAN 2.0B 29 Bits extended address identifier
acc. CAN 2.0A 11 Bits address identifier
Reserved IDs (UDS) 0x7DF, 0x7E0 & 0x7E8 (configurable)
Baud rate 100 / 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 kbps
default setting : 500kbps
Inputs & Outputs Overview
1 Digital inputs Digital input high active
1 Digital inputs Analogue input for measuring supply voltage
1 Digital inputs Low side output
Inputs / Outputs Details
Digital Input
Input voltage up to Vsupply
Switch-on level > 7,5 VDC
Switch-off level < 4 VDC
Input resistance > 60.00 kΩ
Vsupply measurement
Voltage range 0-33 V (see op. volt.)
Digital output Low Side
Load current Max 2 W / 150 mA
ON rest voltage 1.1 VDC
Reverse polarity protected
LED Dimming
PWM frequency 1 kHz
Duty cycle 10 to 90 %
Adjustment steps 10 %

Features und configuration tool

With the help of our WE Flasher Tool you can configure your 6 Way Symbol Cluster CAN. Following features are available in the standard application:

Configurable features 
Boot up behavior All LED’s get turned on for 2 seconds, or there is no activation at startup.
CAN timeout handler Either not activated (the device keeps the last received orders), or it is based on CAN traffic (specific / global). On lost of CAN the LEDs are either turned off, or they are flashing with a 2 Hz frequency.
Timeout time can be set up to 65 seconds.
Supply voltage The value of the supply voltage can be sent on the CAN bus over 2 bytes. This feature can be activated on a configurable frame and byte position, or deactivated.
Digital input broadcast The status can either be broadcasted over a configurable CAN frame or not sent at all.
LED dimming One LED dimming value can be set between 10 and 90 % and activated through a CAN command.
LED activation Each LED can be activated through a configurable CAN message, where the digital information can be set independently (independent frame for every LED possible).
All digital CAN information are based on the J1939 2 bits logic (00 : Off, 01 : On, 10 and 11 : N/A or do nothing)

Hardware map


Pin Assignment

X1 Connector
Pin Description Function
1 KL30 Power supply 8 – 32V
2 GND Ground
3 CAN L CAN low
4 Dig Out Open drain output 150mA / 2 W
5 Dig In Digital input
6 CAN H CAN High

Project procedure

  • Project description: define all relevant project features. Ask us for a template which will help you to define them.
  • Project configuration: generate your configuration file and test it directly on your sample using our configuration tool, which is embedded in WE Flasher tool.
  • Foil and icons creation: The 6 Way Symbol Cluster CAN is based on white LED enlighting a colored foil. The icons and colors can be defined individually based on your drawings or on our icon library.

Order Information

Available References
ICCS 6 Way Symbol Cluster - Demo version F80838
Mating connectors Würth Elektronik eiSos Part Number
6 pins WR-MPC3 3.00 mm Female Dual Row Receptacle 662006113322
WR-MPC3 3.00 mm Female Crimp Contact
AWG 20 - 24
WR-MPC3 3.00 mm Female Crimp Contact
AWG 26 - 30
For 100 pieces packages, please add "DEC" at the end of the reference.