Energy Harvesting is no longer a fiction

Our main topics during the webinar are:

  • An introduction to energy production. What types of environmental energies are available?
  • Challenges in converting and storing these energies into usable energy.
  • Practical examples. Cases showing that energy harvesting is progressing from laboratory to commercial applications, as well as some power electronic applications for energy harvesting.
  • Conversion of environmental energy into usable energy. How can sporadic energy and voltage problems be solved?
  • Much of the stored energy can be lost through leakage. What tools and evaluation kits are available for the development of self-powered electronics?
  • Discuss new low-power converter ICs that can be powered by multiple customers simultaneously and can manage the power to operate microprocessors with extremely low power. These low-power microprocessors have built-in RF modules, can communicate wirelessly and operate fully autonomously.

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Würth Elektronik Webinar: Energy Harvesting is no longer a fiction