Order Samples Free of Charge

Würth Elektronik offers you the service of ordering free samples of almost all electronic and electromechanical components via the Online Catalog. You can also place a specific request for quotation for selected products and send it to our sales team.

How can samples be requested free of charge in the online catalog?

Navigate through the various product areas in the Product Catalog or use the internal search function until you reach the product page of the desired product:

There you can see the various available article numbers in the article table and you can order samples in the desired quantity in the last column.

Simply enter a quantity and click on the symbol with the shopping cart:

Product Page - Order Samples

In the upper area of the browser window you will now find the shopping cart symbol with the appropriate number of deposited article numbers.

You want to complete the order? A click on "Get samples and quotes" will take you to the order form, which you can simply send after filling it out.

The order process is now completed and you will be informed by us about the next steps.

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