With the new optocouplers, Würth Elektronik presents one of the latest additions to its optoelectronic product portfolio.

Tailored to your needs. Custom & Standard Terminal Blocks

In addition to a portfolio of more than 2000 standard articles, Würth Elektronik offers various possibilities to tailor the products to your specific requirements.

Keep it simple! Sense with MEMS.

Sensors are an integral part of every future application. Measuring temperature, humidity, pressure or acceleration has never been easier.

Auxiliary Gate Drive Transformer

The WE-AGDT series from Würth Elektronik allows implementing discrete SiC gate driver designs easier than ever before.

Tact Switches

The Tact Switches from Würth Elektronik are characterized by performance stability and long lifetime.

Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet embodies a new type of data transmission. Contrary to Multipair Ethernet, only two wires are needed.

IR LEDs & Photodetectors

Our infrared emitters and photodetectors ensure perfect optical coupling and extremely fast switching times.

MLCCs: Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Würth Elektronik offers a large portfolio of MLCC sizes up to 2220. While downsizing might be the right choice for some applications, others require larger sizes of MLCCs.

USB Type-C

Würth Elektronik offers the complete product range from connectors, components for filtering of EMI noise, ESD surge protection as well as AC/DC to DC/DC power conversion for USB 3.1.


The WE-LAN AQ is a LAN transformer manufactured by a fully automated production process.

Coaxial Connectors

The SMA connector is designed for a frequency range of DC to 18 GHz at 50 Ω impedance.

SMT Spacer

SMT Spacers from Würth Elektronik significantly optimize the assembly process of electromechanical units.

Coupled Inductors

The WE-MCRI is an innovative molded coupled inductor with fully automated bifilar winding process.

Wireless Connectivity

Highly efficient wireless solutions in standards such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless M-Bus and proprietary.

GNSS: Your opinion matters!

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) modules allow you to develop services and products that require access to location data or a highly accurate time base. (tracking, navigation, geotagging, timestamps). In order to offer you the best solutions in the future, we need your input.

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Common Mode Power Line Chokes

The WE-CMBNC is a VDE certified series of common mode chokes with a highly permeable nanocrystalline core material.

MagI³C Power Modules

MagI³C Power Modules are easy to use DC/DC converters with integrated regulator IC, power inductor and capacitors.

Horticulture LED Lighting

New horticultural products from the high power ceramic series.


REDFIT IDC is a solderless reversible direct plug-in connector with SKEDD technology.

Wireless Power Coils WE-WPCC

Wireless Power Coils WE-WPCC WE-WPCC offer the best performance with highest Q-factor and lowest RDC values.


The online platform for simple component selection and performance simulation.


REDCUBE Terminals are the most reliable high-power contact on PCB level. Low contact resistance guarantees minimum self-heating.

Huge peak strong bead!

The WE-MPSB series is the world’s first ferrite bead that specifies how it performs under high current transients.

Be cooler, stay MAPI!

The WE-MAPI is one of the world’s smallest metal alloy power inductors. Its efficiency is outstanding