Energy Harvesting

Demokit Gleanergy

What does Gleanergy mean? We combine the word glean
(meaning to harvest) together with energy, which creates “to harvest energy”, or "Gleanergy"!

Wireless Sensor Node Development Platform


  • As sensor nodes become ubiquitous, the need to power wireless sensor nodes from ambient energy sources will be a necessity. Possible ambient energy sources include light, heat, vibration, stress / strain, high intensity AC magnetic fields and micro-sized rotational or oscillatory electromagnetic generators. In many instances a battery will be required to “ride through” the periods of time when the ambient energy source is either not present or not sufficient to power the sensor.
  • This development platform demonstrates the ability to utilize any one or multiple ambient energy sources to power a wireless sensor node and extend the life of a primary or secondary battery. A convenient system is provided to enable users to customize the development platform for their specific use case and make a complete working prototype.

Linear Technology DC2321A

Dust application demoboard with E-Ink display


  • LTP5901 Dust assembly including ARM Cortex-M3 processor embedded with SmartMesh IP networking software
  • E-Ink display for user feedback
  • Two coulomb counters for battery data measurement
  • Shield board headers DC2510A and programming headers for development ( AppNote is available here).

Getting Started:

  • Download the GUI to evaluate board features
  • Download IAR Embedded Workbench to write a custom program
  • Use a JTAG debugger or Eterna Serial Programmer to upload your program
  • Optionally, use DC2510A shield board to connect extra components to the ADCs, GPIOs, and serial ports of the mote

Linear Technology DC2344A

Multi-Source Energy Harvester with Battery Charging and Life Extenders


  • On-board thermoelectric generator and solar cells (series or parallel) in DC2344 ( AppNote is available here).
  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries
  • Four energy harvester ICs which charge / extend life of batteries
  • Bank of ceramic capacitors and supercapacitor for energy storage
  • Completely customizable IC settings and routing connections

Getting Started:

  • Choose an energy harvesting source, battery, and capacitor storage type
  • Configure jumpers / switches to match chosen system settings (instructions provided in manual)
  • Optionally, move resistor jumpers to change IC settings
  • Use regulated output supply to power DC2321A or any load ( AppNote is available here).

In cooperation with the partner company Johnson Matthey Piezo Products GmbH, this modern technology can be offered in form of a Demokit ...more

Analog Devices is supporting our Gleanergy Demokit as well. Click here to watch the video.

Looking for a piezoelectric source to work with Gleanergy?

Mide Engineering Solutions piezoelectric energy harvester (VLT-9001) is capable of harvesting tens of mW of continuous power. The Demokit includes a two layer protected piezoelectric energy harvester, plus hardware for clamping and adding included tuning masses.

Come and take a look at our second Demokit in the field of
“Energy Harvesting”: