Cracks on Molded Power Inductors


This document helps understanding the influence of visual asymmetry around the core which may occur during the manufacturing process of WE-LHMI series inductors.

WE-LHMI series inductors have an optimized molding technology, especially designed for low profile high current applications like laptops, tablets, battery operated devices, etc. where the need for high current, high stability Point of Load devices are increasing. The advantages of WE-LHMI series products are high saturation current which exhibits soft saturation characteristic, low core losses, high operating temperature, and a small footprint.


The WE-LHMI core is not a solid core, instead it is an iron powder molded around the winding. To match the requirements of modern electronic load demands it is important to look at inductor technology which gives stable inductance into high currents while maintaining a compact design.

The molding technology gives us many advantages but in the process can give some minor imperfections. While many of these imperfections are only on the surface and do not affect the reliability or performance of the product. It is still required that Würth Elektronik eiSos continues to develop to minimize these. Also Würth Elektronik eiSos’s quality control is constantly setting up standards during manufacturing process to ensure better reliability and performance.

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