Low Force Crimp Contacts


Although they are really designed for permanent connection, plug connectors with crimp contacts have to be disconnected every so often. To avoid this becoming a trial of strength for the maintenance technician who then damages the plug connector, Würth Elektronik eiSos developed an alternative with reduced insertion and pulling force.

Manufacturers of household electrical appliances have to take servicing into consideration, even in the development of their products. This means that components prone to wear and defects, such as the brewing unit of a coffee machine, have to be easily accessible. It is even more important to use components that are not damaged for the first time by the repair and are therefore sure to cause follow-on costs.

Crimp plug connectors with more than 10 pins are examples of such components. Equipped with standard contacts, they can only be disconnected with great difficulty; with 24 pins they are almost impossible to disconnect. Given an installation situation which is complicated to access, smaller numbers of pins are enough to hamper disconnection of the wire-to-board connection. Because, in these place in particular, it is impossible to use tools, there is only one solution: to tug on the cable! And to mechanically damaged the plug connector in the process.

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