Hot plugging of PoE Modular Jacks


Modular jacks (MJ) connectors and cables are broadly used to bring Ethernet signal up to 10 Gb/s depending on the category of the product. It is also possible to deliver power through it with PoE. Type 1 and 2 PoE specifications are applicable to Würth Elektronik modular jacks. In this Application Note we will study if recommendations can be extended up to Type 4. Moreover most WE MJ connectors are rated up to 1.5 A. That is why they will be tested at this current.
However, like all of the other types of input/output connectors, MJ connectors should not be plugged and unplugged (hot swapped) under load. Disconnectors products (breakers, switch, etc.) have special disconnection areas to be able to break the electric arc without damaging the contacts. This Application Note will show the capabilities of modular jacks in case they are accidently used as a disconnector product in a PoE application

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