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16 nov. 2021 (Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight, Wireless Connectivity)

Coaxial Connectors: Prep for Landing

Our world runs on the ability to transmit data through the air or through a conductor. Coaxial products allow us to perform a smooth transition in the most efficient way, by matching system characteristics.

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21 oct. 2021 (Wireless Power, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology, Building Bridges, Wireless Connectivity)

WE Cut the Cord - IoT for the Industrial Environment

The terms Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) cover a wide variety of technical developments ranging from fitness trackers and agricultural robots to smart factories in an Industry 4.0 scenario. Their common feature is networking while having one goal: to build more flexible solutions via intelligent, decentralized functions.

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30 août 2021 (Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology, Wireless Connectivity)

Addressing Connection Concerns with the Increased Use of Antennas

The increase in wireless IoT applications has forced many component manufacturers to retool some commonly used parts, including antennas, to transmit signals and data. Some devices are able to use currently available antennas, but miniaturization of devices has decreased available PCB space. This change has led to innovation in antenna technology and support services.

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26 mai 2021 (Electronics Insight, Electromechanic, Wireless Connectivity)

What is a Radio Protocol?

Communication is an exchange or transmission of information and the process always requires at least two participants. Often, communication begins with the first contact, which can be, for example, a handshake or a first eye contact.

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14 juil. 2020 (EMC Components, Other Product News, Electronics Insight, Wireless Connectivity)

Who's Interrupting? Getting A Grip On Common Mode Interference In The WiFi Spectrum

We love fast data lines. And we love radio communications. But having both can be a tricky combination.

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10 déc. 2019 (Emerging Technology, Wireless Connectivity)

Smart Homes – more comfort, more security, more energy-efficiency

Your coffee machine starts brewing your first cup of the day as soon as your alarm goes off in the bedroom. The heating switches off when you open a window. Did you remember to close all doors and windows when you left the house?

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7 sept. 2019 (Emerging Technology, Wireless Connectivity)

Faster, Further, Better: 5G Will Become Communication Standard

Industry, and indeed our society as a whole, is becoming increasingly networked. Consequently, we are generating massive volumes of data that need to be transmitted and processed.

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