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29 juil. 2021 (Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

Ethernet for Harsh Industrial Applications Requires Special Connectors

In computer networks and simple industrial environments, RJ45 interfaces are common – but is it possible or practical to connect a robot arm or a machine tool with such an interface? Should controllers and sensors in a wind turbine or in assembly lines communicate via such connectors designed for the IT world?


23 juin 2021 (Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

From the sun to batteries: LT8491, DC2703-A-KIT

Nowadays, energy from solar panels proves to be efficient enough to power buildings, street lighting, parking meters, etc. However, what happens at night or during a rainy day? The energy provided directly by the solar panels is usually substituted by electricity from the grid or energy previously stocked into batteries to power electric and electronic devices, as you would stock spring rainwater into a tank to use later during the summer.


26 mai 2021 (Electronics Insight, Electromechanic, Wireless Connectivity)

What is a Radio Protocol?

Communication is an exchange or transmission of information and the process always requires at least two participants. Often, communication begins with the first contact, which can be, for example, a handshake or a first eye contact.


20 mai 2021 (Power Magnetics, Emerging Technology, Electromechanic)

How to Design Gate Drivers for SiC MOSFETs

Silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors that operate at switching frequencies above 100kHz are becoming much more prevalent in trending areas like E-mobility, renewable energy, or industrial drives.


14 avr. 2021 (Building Bridges)

On the way to greater sustainability

Production and trade generate significantly more waste than private households. This frustrates many people who try to avoid waste in their private lives, leading them to ask: What is my employer actually doing to reduce waste?


17 mars 2021 (Building Bridges)

Learning With Würth Elektronik - Added Value Through Knowledge

You never stop learning. A phrase as short as it is true. Learning is a lifelong process. Knowledge and education secure decisive advantages, enable innovation and success.


3 mars 2021 (Other Product News, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

Improved Connection: Single Pair Ethernet

Ethernet has played a large part of our lives for many years now and has allowed for many improvements in the area of industrial design. Innovation never stops, and with new developments the next level of communication is born with Single Pair Ethernet.


17 févr. 2021 (Other Product News, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

Silicon carbide and Gallium nitride power semiconductors: Important Design Considerations

In power converters, important parameters to optimize are efficiency, power density and reliability of the application. Power semiconductors of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) technology are gaining ever-increasing popularity because of their ability to significantly increase the efficiency and power density of power electronics applications. However


2 févr. 2021 (Press-Fit Technology, Other Product News, null, Electronics Insight, Electromechanic)

Re-Reeling: 10 Components On One roll? We Do It!

We offer a re-reeling service. This service is available for the majority of our products, starting at a quantity of 10 pieces!


13 janv. 2021 (null)

WE Partner and WE Trust in Distribution

Würth Elektronik values and believes in distribution. As a manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components, it is essential that we have distribution partners. The values mentioned above spotlight how and why we partner with our distributors.