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22 nov. 2021 (Power Magnetics, Other Product News, Electronics Insight)

DIP Switches Hold the Code

DIP switches are used everywhere that multiple settings need to be made swiftly and directly on board the PCB. DIP switches are best used where multiple signal gates are needed, combining switching circuits in a single package.


22 nov. 2021 (Building Bridges)

One Sample Order = One Tree Planted

At Würth Elektronik, we have already started taking steps to improve our sustainability and invest in projects with a positive environmental impact. At the same time, we also know that there is always more that can be done, which is why we are excited to announce our One Sample Order = One Tree Planted campaign.


16 nov. 2021 (Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight, Wireless Connectivity)

Coaxial Connectors: Prep for Landing

Our world runs on the ability to transmit data through the air or through a conductor. Coaxial products allow us to perform a smooth transition in the most efficient way, by matching system characteristics.


12 nov. 2021 (Other Product News, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology, Optoelectronics)

Using UV LEDs for Disinfection

You may know the main source of UV radiation as the sun, but there are also manufactured sources of UV radiation, including LEDs.


21 oct. 2021 (Wireless Power, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology, Building Bridges, Wireless Connectivity)

WE Cut the Cord - IoT for the Industrial Environment

The terms Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) cover a wide variety of technical developments ranging from fitness trackers and agricultural robots to smart factories in an Industry 4.0 scenario. Their common feature is networking while having one goal: to build more flexible solutions via intelligent, decentralized functions.


21 sept. 2021 (EMC Components, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

Get to Know the WR-LECO Connector Series

The WR-LECO series was developed to be able to support LED lighting, as existing connector types were not ideal for this application.


30 août 2021 (Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology, Wireless Connectivity)


29 juil. 2021 (Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

Ethernet for Harsh Industrial Applications Requires Special Connectors

In computer networks and simple industrial environments, RJ45 interfaces are common – but is it possible or practical to connect a robot arm or a machine tool with such an interface? Should controllers and sensors in a wind turbine or in assembly lines communicate via such connectors designed for the IT world?


23 juin 2021 (Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

From the sun to batteries: LT8491, DC2703-A-KIT

Nowadays, energy from solar panels proves to be efficient enough to power buildings, street lighting, parking meters, etc. However, what happens at night or during a rainy day? The energy provided directly by the solar panels is usually substituted by electricity from the grid or energy previously stocked into batteries to power electric and electronic devices, as you would stock spring rainwater into a tank to use later during the summer.


26 mai 2021 (Electronics Insight, Electromechanic, Wireless Connectivity)

What is a Radio Protocol?

Communication is an exchange or transmission of information and the process always requires at least two participants. Often, communication begins with the first contact, which can be, for example, a handshake or a first eye contact.