Additional AEC-Q200 qualified components

Würth Elektronik publishes an addition to the automotive catalog

Automotive electronics are subjected to special requirements. This has resulted in industry-typical standards such as AEC-Q200 qualification or IATF-16949-certified production. In this context, Würth Elektronik has supplemented its extensive catalog for automotive components. The extension can be downloaded here.

Highlights among the new additions include WE-CAR-TEC and WE-CNSA. The WE-CAR-TEC series is a folding ferrite with a core material made of NiZn. WE-CAR-TEC allows the suppression of electromagnetic interference in the frequency range from 1 MHz to 1 GHz. Thanks to a patented closing mechanism, the ferrite is reusable and therefore also ideal for test and measurement purposes in EMC laboratories.

WE-CNSA is a current compensated data line filter. It offers high common mode noise rejection at high frequencies and a low RDC design. This makes the filter suitable for automotive infotainment, FlexRay and high-speed data line applications.