Possible effects Blockade Suez Canal

Dear Business Partner,

as you are probably aware, the Suez Canal is currently blocked by a container ship that has run aground. Unfortunately, it is not yet foreseeable how long the salvage of this ship will take. This is causing a traffic jam of several hundred container ships. As most of our products are also delivered to us by ship, there is a possibility that some of our deliveries are also affected by this blockade of the Suez Canal. However, the actual effects of this congestion cannot be foreseen at this time.

Nevertheless, we already ask for your understanding at this point that during this current force majeure event we may not be able to deliver some products to you within the originally agreed or the otherwise usual and expected deadline.

Due to the fact that this is a Force Majeure event, as a precautionary measure, we hereby decline any blanket claim for payment of delay costs and damages attributable to the blockade of the Suez Canal.

In the event of specific situations, we ask you to contact your responsible colleagues in Sales.

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