Würth Elektronik Celebrates

20 Years with Future Electronics in the Americas

A new decade brings in a new milestone. In 2020, Würth Elektronik is honored to celebrate its 20 year partnership with Future Electronics. The longevity of this relationship has proven that it’s been strong even in the soft economic electronic component markets.

“Our positive partnership with Future Electronics is unlike any other. For us, their attention to detail has been imperative to our business together. Their commitment to our brand has been crucial for our success together throughout the years. We look forward to many more years of strong partnership,” says Joe Haukos, Distribution Manager for the Americas for Würth Elektronik.

With the help of Future Electronics’ strategic partnership, Wurth Elektronik has experienced consistently positive growth in electronic component sales. Future Electronics has also been a sponsor of the Würth Elektronik WE Day Technical Table Top and Seminar events in Mexico.

Throughout the last 20 years, the Wurth Elektronik direct sales force has partnered with the Future Electronics field sales to assist customers in their projects from beginning to end. This partnership allows customers to experience exceptional support from conception, through the design cycle, and into production.

For more information about Würth Elektronik, visit www.we-online.com.

For details regarding Future Electronics, visit www.futureelectronics.com.