General customer information Guideline „Handling COVID-19 risks“

Dear customers,

As the international media have reported, unfortunately, in the case of COVID-19 we cannot speak of a relaxation of the situation. Since we as an international group have to fulfil our duty of care for our employees, we would like to use this letter to communicate some of the measures that have already been introduced for some time.

The company Würth Elektronik eiSos has at present suspended all business trips from and to potentially endangered areas. Furthermore, increased hygiene measures (wearing gloves, breathing masks and disinfection) are in force at all locations to protect employees. In Asia in particular, employees work in their home offices as far as possible, so that contact with large gatherings of people can be avoided as far as possible.

We as a company take the situation of COVID-19 very seriously and would like to ask for your understanding if we have to refer to the use of digital media in certain cases due to regulations or if we have to postpone some personal appointments.

We firmly believe that these measures serve not only our employees, but also to protect everyone. We are monitoring the situation closely and will tighten or relax regulations as appropriate.